Have you ever taken a photo like the right side of the bedroom above?
Be honest with yourself, I know I have. You find yourself in a dimly lit room, with incandescent lighting and snap a photo. What do you find? A dark orange and yellow mess. This is called color cast. It is a result of the camera interpreting the incandescent lighting as orange. and it spills onto every surface in the room.
In fact, camera's don't see the world the same way our eyes do. Our minds have the incredible ability to look at a room like the one above and adjust to the environment so that everything we see isn't orange. So how do we correct for this? That is where a photographer comes in. 
A real estate photographer's job is to interpret the scene in front of him, and then utilize the tools he has to accurately represent that scene in an image. The camera is of course one of those tools, but it alone cannot conquer this task. A good real estate photographer knows that flash is key to making sure that the colors in an interior photograph are accurate. 
Take the above room for example. In the right hand side of the image, what color would you say the bed spread is? Yellow? White? Swipe over to the left side of the image where the colors are faithfully represented and you will see that the bedding is in fact, a light blue color. 
Using flash to light an interior is important, but can also be easily overdone. Have you ever seen an image like the one below where the flash is obvious and the room doesn't look naturally lit?
Ambient Lighting
Flash Lighting
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