Stop paying based on square footage. 
Has your photographer ever charged you more for a 3000 sq.ft. home even though they delivered the same amount of images as that 2500 sq.ft. home last month? Paying per image instead of per square foot puts the power back in your hands to choose the package that suits your listing. 
Standard Listing (up to 4,000 sq. FT.)
15 Photos: $150
Up to 15 daytime interior and exterior photos of the property. Ideal for small homes and condos or apartments. 
25 Photos: $200 (most popular)
Up to 25 daytime interior and exterior photos of the property. Ideal for average sized homes with 2 to 3 bedrooms. 
35 Photos: $250
Up to 35 daytime interior and exterior photos of the property.
Additional Photos: $10/image
Add on a few additional photos to any of the above packages for a flat $10/image.
Premium Listing (4,000 sq. ft. and above)
Call or email for details and pricing. 
Phone: 860-949-2684
Add-ON Services
Twilight Photography +$150 
4-6 twilight exterior photos, can be added on to standard or premium listings for $100. 
Turn day to dusk for a warm and inviting look on 1 primary exterior photo. 
Add-on to standard listing package, included in premium listings. "Swap" out a plain sky on 1 primary exterior photo for a more appealing look. 
TV and Fireplace Swaps +$25
Add-on to standards listing package, included in premium listings. "Swap" out an empty fireplace or blank TV screen for a warm and inviting fire and virtually "turn on" the TV screen to display an exterior shot of the property or other inviting image.
MLS Room Measurements +$25
All rooms on the property will be laser measured and recorded for accurate dimensions on the MLS Listing. 
Floor Plans  +$75
Full floor plan document for the property with room labels and dimensions. Also comes with a Property report summary listing all room types as well as nearby services and attractions in the neighborhood. 

Example of Colin Ahern Photography Floorplans, available with a customized home report and room measurements. 

We are working to add aerial drone and 360 degree virtual tour capabilities, however at this time we cannot offer these services. 
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