Hi there. I'm Colin.
Colin Ahern is a photographer based in central Connecticut. A man of many skills, Colin was drawn to photography because of the emotions that a picture can hold. He believes that good photos tell a story and hold the emotions of that day, moment, or time forever to be experienced again just by looking back at a photo. 
We are living in what some have called the "golden age" of photography where anyone with a smartphone can take incredible pictures. However, Colin prides himself on paying attention to details such as lighting, composition, color, and emotion. To him that is what makes a great photo. 
A lifelong learner, Colin constantly pushes himself to try new things and to deliver the best possible product that he can to his clients -- whether his images are capturing a special moment between a couple, documenting an important event, showing off a unique property, or presenting a person in their best light. Colin considers it a privilege to use his skills to deliver impactful images. 
Get in touch and let's tell your story together.
Client Feedback
"Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! I was so nervous to be in front of the camera and you set my mind at ease, and captured moments of my husband and I that we will cherish forever! You're amazing!” - Natalie, Rhode Island
"I am beyond impressed with Colin as a professional photographer. At the event I hired him for, he was able to capture some fantastic candids I had not anticipated because he worked so seamlessly in the background. As someone who feels awkward in posed photos, Colin was so understanding, worked comfortably and quickly while still getting beautiful quality photos I know I will cherish forever."   - Kelly, Massachusetts
"Colin is a fantastic guide and photographer, Highly Recommend!" -Pamela, Manilla Phillipines
“Colin was awesome throughout the experience, super friendly and very accommodating to any photograph requests you may have! Definitely recommend!” -Isabel, Texas
“Colin is amazing! The Photoshoot was superb! My friend and I had a blast with Colin! He easily captured our good sides and many picturesque views throughout the city! Highly recommend Colin and his photography skills! Truly worth the value and the time!” -Kashawn, South Carolina

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